Community & Voluntary sector marketing

Community & Voluntary sector marketing


Community & Voluntary sector marketing

Digital marketing, especially social media, offers community and voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises an excellent and relatively low-cost means to engage, build and maintain a ‘social community’. 

Unfortunately, a digital skills gap exists between the community and voluntary sector and the private sector. 

For example, the Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index 2015 reveals that 58% of charities are without basic digital skills, compared to 23% of Small to Medium Enterprises.

In UK regional terms, Northern Ireland indexes at the lower end of the digital maturity scale as defined by four broad skills – the ability to use digital technology to communicate, find things, provide information, and to transact.

It needn't be like that.

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Difference-making marketing help for the community and voluntary sector

Having delivered 1000s of hours of marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing advice, mentoring and training to 100s of businesses and organisations across the island of Ireland, I have encountered all levels of digital skills across all sectors – public, private, and community and voluntary alike.

Regardless of the sector, one thing they all have in common is a need to do more with less.

I help charities, community and voluntary sector organisations, and social enterprises do more with less through digital marketing and social media training, mentoring and consultancy.

If you would like to talk over how I can help you achieve more with less, please get in touch…

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