Apps, games and technology marketing

Apps, games and technology marketing


Apps, games and technology marketing


I’m fortunate to have worked with a number of apps developers and their clients across Northern Ireland. My work has included developing digital marketing and social media strategies for projects as diverse as fuel-efficient driving, public health and safety, citizen information, and price comparison.

And games – here’s just one example of what an indie games client had to say about my work with them:

Damian has helped us devise a marketing strategy from something that we found difficult to implement, and helped us change it into a simple maintainable and repeatable plan. We are now much more confident in our marketing going forward and Damian is to thank for this. I would recommend Damian to anyone who needs a proactive and helpful approach to creative marketing.

When it comes to tech marketing, my involvement with Springboard as a regular panel member means I have first-hand experience of the needs and challenges of tech and innovation entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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