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Wonderful marketing for wonderful people doing wonderful things!

Whether in the city or village, on the high street or in a business park; whether at the top of an office block or down a lane, there sure is an awful lot of wonderful people doing wonderful things out there.

The thing is, though: no matter how wonderful the business or business idea, the axiom ‘build it and they will come’ rarely holds true. Reality is that even the best product or service will either go nowhere or won’t reach its full potential unless the right people get to hear about it in an engaging and compelling way that drives the right response.

This is the bit I can help with.

There are few sectors that I haven’t worked for across the island of Ireland – the examples here are just some of the main ones. Whatever your business does or whoever your customers are, I can work with you to develop a marketing, digital marketing, and social media strategy that’s right for you. I can help improve your online visibility through website SEO, Google Business Profile and well optimised online assets.

Of course, you might not need me to develop a full-blown marketing plan for you… sometimes all you might need is an objective viewpoint or a review of an existing strategy, or even just a brainstorming or ideas generation session; perhaps, even just some marketing tips. Other times, it could be market research, or a review of the competition.

I can help with that, too.

If you’d like to know more about the sorts of organisations and businesses I’ve been working with, and what they’ve said about my work, please just ask.

In the meantime, you can read some reviews of my work over at my Google Business Profile.


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